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a New Orleans Writer

O'Neil De Noux

a New Orleans Writer

O’Neil De Noux

Books by O’Neil De Noux



Battle Kiss

Bourbon Street

Death Angels

Lucifer's Tiger

Mafia Aphrodite


Slick Time

The French Detective

USS Relentless

LaStanza Series Novels

1. Grim Reaper

2. The Big Kiss

3. Blue Orleans

4. Crescent City Kills

5. The Big Show

6. New Orleans Homicide

7. The Blue Nude

8. The Long Cold

Beau Series Novels

1. John Raven Beau

2. City of Secrets

3. Nude in Red

Caye Series Novels

1. New Orleans Rapacious

2. Enamored

3. Hold Me, Babe

Short Story Collections

LaStanza: New Orleans Police Stories

New Orleans Confidential – Lucien Caye

New Orleans Prime Evil – Jacques Dugas

New Orleans Nocturnal – John Raven Beau

New Orleans Mysteries

New Orleans Irresistible

Hollow Point & The Mystery of Rochelle Marais

Backwash of the Milky Way


Waiting for Alaina


A Short Guide to Writing and Selling Fiction

Specific Intent


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